May 11, 2018

I want to die with my blue jeans on.                      -Andy Warhol I woke up this morning and found myself draped in denim. Flashback, I hear a whistle. Who can forget that epic 1981 Calvin Klein Ad, starring the beautiful and iconic Brooke Shields. Especially when […]


April 25, 2018

  STYLE IS NOT A DISPLAY OF WEALTH, BUT AN EXPRESSION  OF IMAGINATION.                                                             Beauty comes through expression, beauty begins within. Enhance your inner beauty by […]


April 16, 2018

                As seasons change so does our style. This Spring/Summer be inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom. This beautiful plant produces one of nature’s simplistic assortment of delicate colors.  For instance, colors such as pure white, pale pink, and sometimes a normal shade of pink are some hues […]


October 25, 2017

Transitioning from summer to fall can be a little overwhelming. As seasons change so does our style.  Have you ever wonder, why people tend to wear less color in autumn/winter than in summer?  This fall do not wither like the flowers by ignoring colors. Instead, embrace this fall with a pop of tropical colors. My deep […]


September 28, 2017

FASHION HAS ALWAYS BEEN A REPETITION OF IDEAS, BUT WHAT MAKES IT NEW IS THE WAY YOU BUT IT TOGETHER. – CAROLINA HERRERA   This fall be leopard ready! Leopard prints, a Fall Fashion Trend that is bold and timeless! Nature inspired pieces are always fashionable. It’s time to unleash your inner beast with leopard […]

Fashion Tips: Embrace Style By Embracing Who You Are!

June 14, 2017


Summer Fashion: Fashion Of Florals!

May 18, 2017

THERE IS NO BETTER DESIGNER THAN NATURE.                                            – ALEXANDER MCQUEEN   Fashion inspired by nature has always been an endless love of mine. The reason being there is no boredom in nature’s beauty. There is […]

Music Meets Fashion: Macy’s And Material Girl Welcomes Music Sensation PIA MIA!

April 13, 2017

 Fashion and music come together at Macy’s Herald Square! Music’s influence on fashion is obvious. Think of Madonna’s famous cone bra. Now let’s explore our example just a little further. Lady GaGa’s eccentric outfits, Nicki Minaj’s entire wardrobe and style, the haircuts of Rihanna, Katy Perry’s quirky style, and the list goes on. These women are an example […]

Spring Fashion: 5 Simple Ways to Look Fabulous For Spring!

March 26, 2017

 Spring is the most delightful season. Now that spring is here, due to the climate change, we transition our wardrobe from winter to Spring. When I think of SPRING FASHION, I think of vibrant colors, flowers, nature, and our source of energy the sun. Spring is an inspiration to fashion, because our daily fashion trends […]

Marie Claire, Michael Kors And Macy’s #WARDROBEUP For Spring Event: The Chicest Must-Haves so you can #WARDROBEUP For Every Spring Occasion-Editors Pick Their Faves!

March 25, 2017

When I think of spring, I think about nature. The flowers start to bloom with an assortment of colors, plants start to grow, and birds begin to chirp. It’s a resurrection of life, a new beginning, from fall to spring. The natural ability for mother nature to transition is not only mystical but beautiful. Fashion is […]

Introducing Glamour X Lane Bryant: Changing The Game!

October 25, 2016

Glamour Magazine launched it’s very first collection with Lane Bryant. The end result of the partnership is GLAMOUR X LANE BRYANT. This collection is more than dressing for the promotion or a fall favorite. It’s changing the game and giving a whole new meaning to the word GLAMOUR. It’s fashion for you! People define glamour in […]