Music Meets Fashion: Macy’s And Material Girl Welcomes Music Sensation PIA MIA!

 Fashion and music come together at Macy’s Herald Square! Music’s influence on fashion is obvious. Think of Madonna’s famous cone bra. Now let’s explore our example just a little further. Lady GaGa’s eccentric outfits, Nicki Minaj’s entire wardrobe and style, the haircuts of Rihanna, Katy Perry’s quirky style, and the list goes on. These women are an example […]

Marie Claire, Michael Kors And Macy’s #WARDROBEUP For Spring Event: The Chicest Must-Haves so you can #WARDROBEUP For Every Spring Occasion-Editors Pick Their Faves!

When I think of spring, I think about nature. The flowers start to bloom with an assortment of colors, plants start to grow, and birds begin to chirp. It’s a resurrection of life, a new beginning, from fall to spring. The natural ability for mother nature to transition is not only mystical but beautiful. Fashion is […]