This season be a trendsetter and step into winter fashion owning who you are. In the same way, cultivate your own personal style with fashionable coats and jackets that are fit to flatter your personality, body, and style. In fashion, I don’t follow trends I style myself according to my own personal taste. Here are some must have coats and jackets that will make you look and feel fabulous.


MOTO JACKET: Be cool, Be Michael Jackson BAD, or like George Thorogood and The Destroyers say, “Be Bad To The Bone” when wearing the moto jacket. A classic piece with an edgy sense of style. The moto jacket is a timeless and fashionable piece that every fashionista needs to have in their collection. A flawless look that is sexy and stunning. When wearing the moto jacket you don’t seek attention you demand it! I guarantee you will be a total knockout when wearing this classic jacket. 


DENIM TRENCH COAT: Next on my list of fashionable must have coats and jackets is the Denim Trench Coat. The reason being, denim is timeless. Equally important, denim represents relaxation and comfort. This is what makes the denim trench coat so enticing. It’s easy to wear, just like a favorite pair of jeans. In Result, make the denim trench coat an essential part of your wardrobe because no matter your culture, or what part of the continent you live in, when it comes to denim we all speak the same language.


FAUX FUR COAT: Winter Fashion, The Right Way! Say NO to fur and say YES to faux fur coat. This season kick it up a notch and upgrade your style with lavish faux fur coats. Substituting fur with faux fur coat is not only an impeccable taste in fashion, but illustrates how you can influence and inspire others to fight against animal cruelty. They say there is nothing like the real thing, on the contrary, faux fur coat has advance in so many ways providing high quality at an affordable price. Now that is worthy to be praised.  


FAUX PATENT LEATHER TRENCH COAT: If you want to bring sexy back it’s all about Patent Leather Trench Coat. The patent leather Coat is tailored for all body types. Own your look, trigger your inner panther and reveal to the world what sexiness and confidence is all about. The Patent leather coat is a visual representation of high style with a touch of edge that is very fashionable. 


TAPE TRIM WINDBREAKER: Fight the weather in style with the Tape Trim Windbreaker. Ideal for chilly, snowy, and rainy conditions. Gone with the wind fabulous you will look when wearing this particular jacket. For this reason, add some zest and zing to your wardrobe with selective styles and colors when owning this jacket. A must have jacket that should be taken into consideration.


RALPH LAUREN FAUX FUR SHAWL COLLAR WRAP COAT: Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Shawl collar wrap coat is the epitome of elegance. Minimalism that is timeless, professional, impressive, and classy. The finishing details of the faux fur shawl wrap coat creates a polish look that can be worn to the office, date, or a girls night out. I highly recommend this coat to anyone who is all about being classy and fabulous.


Fashion is matter of money, style is matter of taste. There are no rules when it comes to fashion. You don’t have to follow trends to look and feel fabulous, instead create them. This winter style yourself with coats and jackets that you can identify with. Note, fashionable coats and jackets does not have to do with what is trending for the moment, instead this winter season do it your way and wear what you like. Just make sure you look good while doing it. Until Next Time, RACHEL ULLOA is ON THE GO…


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