Be daring, be bold! Step up your game to unleash your inner diva with LBK NAIL LACQUER. My nails are essential part of my style, they say something about my personality and of course a pop of color is a must! Moreover, nails are a fun way to accessorize. I would never feel fully empowered without embellishing my nails with the best. For this very reason, I attended India Beauty Expo where I was introduced to LBK NAIL LACQUER. No matter your personality or style there’s something for everyone. So this goes out to all the LADIES out there who are looking for a premium nail polish, look no further than LBK NAIL LACQUER!
 Out with the old and in with the new! LBK NAIL LACQUER has revolutionize the way we choose nail polish. With their patent innovator cap, which contains a colored acrylic nail matching the color in the bottle. This innovative and unique design allows customers to view firsthand how a particular color batch will look on their nail. Now you have the option to try before you buy!
LBK NAIL LACQUER gives you the confidence and the reassurance you need. No more indecisiveness or worries. It gives you a different perspective on how one views color. With this new design, people who tend to wear less color can experience and get an idea how different colors look on their nails, without actually painting them. You can choose from their 48 color options. Maybe you are a Rocking Rose type of gal or maybe your into more delicate colors such as Hope floats, either way bloom with style when wearing LBK NAIL LACQUER. 
Furthermore, step out of the norm, break out from your routine, try something different, kick it up a notch and flaunt great style of nail color with LBK NAIL LACQUER! Until Next Time, RACHEL ULLOA is ON THE GO…
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