A touch of style is about embracing who you are, having fun, loving colors, embracing your curves and most importantly being yourself. I’m going to share some fashion tips to achieve what I like to call “A TOUCH OF STYLE.”
TIP 1: Have fun, embrace your body, and never lose touch of who you are. During Fashion Week, I got to witness firsthand styles that will make you ROAR, combining hues can be so much fun and being flamboyant can be so exhilarating, just like a flower that has blossom for the very first time. For example, my sense of style is combining hues while being polished but never boring.
01. LOOK STYLE By Rachel Ulloa ON THE GO: 
This ensemble is what I like to call “Elegant Blossom.” 
DETAILS BEHIND LOOK 01: Pencil Skirts are not only comfortable but classy, and if worn properly can be sexy. For instance a blouse with patterns can enhance your outfit, and combining a Denim jacket can give you an edge you are looking for. Never be afraid to experiment with colors. 
TIP 2: ACCESSORIZE: Own it! Enhancing an outfit with accessories is a great way to kick it up a notch. For example, take my signature look its sophisticated but stylish. Being stylish means adding flavor to your outfit. You may be wondering how can I achieve this? It’s easy, make something practical, fashionable by experimenting with accessories. You won’t believe how a hat, belt, scarf, etc. can embellish your outfit.

For my next look, FOREST GREEN was my inspiration behind this ensemble. I draped myself in green and tastefully blended some colors and accessories to make my outfit a little more interesting. 

For this reason, dazzle and shine with colors, patterns, skirts, jeans, dress, sandals, heels, hand bags, earrings, hats, etc.
TIP 3: Just Go With it! No one knows you Better than yourself. That being said, do what you like. Style is at its best when it comes naturally. 
03. LOOK STYLE: BY RACHEL ULLOA ON THE GO…and finally this little ensemble  I titled “A WALK AT THE PARK.”
DETAILS BEHIND LOOK 03: I love to take advantage of my downtime but even then I always look the part. Whether I’m at the park watching the sunset, or running errands around town, I’m always looking fresh, clean, and most importantly feeling great. 
 Overall, having “A TOUCH OF STYLE” is to be the ultimate originator by knowing what fits your body & personality. This is essential in order for you to achieve STYLE! There are many trends that can be inspirational, but you must come to the realization that not all trends will be suitable for you and that’s ok. The most compelling evidence, to great style is being comfortable in your own skin. Remember make the world your runway by stepping into style and owning who you are. Until Next Time, RACHEL ULLOA is ON THE GO…