Transitioning from summer to fall can be a little overwhelming. As seasons change so does our style.  Have you ever wonder, why people tend to wear less color in autumn/winter than in summer?  This fall do not wither like the flowers by ignoring colors. Instead, embrace this fall with a pop of tropical colors. My deep love for nature inspires my fashion sense. My inspiration this fall comes from tropical birds. Tropical Bird Fashion, a color guide to accessorize your personal style with a pop of color.


Finish your look, using a few fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to be whimsical by expressing your creativity with exotic colors. Fierce Fashion consists of being bold! While everyone is busy following trends, step out and be a pioneer; a trendsetter. So the next time you decide to accessorize by layering up this autumn/winter with a scarf, hat, gloves or jewelry, don’t forget to add some brightness to accommodate your personal style.  







Furthermore, layering fabrics with color and texture is an ideal way to accessorize. As an fashion influencer, nature is my muse, and a color guide to my wardrobe. For this purpose, Tropical Bird Fashion is based on my inspiration of colors from different species of birds. For example, the colors on a pink parrot are a match made in heaven. These beauties were inspiration behind this particular outfit. 





                                                              TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF!                                                                  


Fly like a bird and enhance your wardrobe with colors that will bring a   smile, joy, and happiness to your soul. From the heavens to the sea, from east to west, north to south, our planet is full of amazing wonders. Take a look at the rainforest and the many species that inhabit these mosh lands. Our rainforest are full of inspiration and vibrant colors! Therefore, appreciate nature and be inspired this autumn/winter to experiment with tropical colors. For this reason, the yellow parrot was the inspiration behind my next outfit (faux fur yellow scarf).




Finally, intensify your wardrobe, be playful, and set the tone by adding colorful accessories, this autumn/winter. Remember, colorful makeovers are always in style. Make your own fashion statement and master the art of colors; by exploring the wonders of nature. Until next time, Rachel Ulloa is ON THE GO…  




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