Summer Fashion: Fashion Of Florals!


                                            ALEXANDER MCQUEEN



Fashion inspired by nature has always been an endless love of mine. The reason being there is no boredom in nature’s beauty. There is an escapism and peace that overwhelms my soul every time I am under a tree, laying in the grass, or glancing over the river. For centuries the natural world has inspired countless of fashion designers, artist, and composers. Furthermore, find inspiration this summer with the fashion of florals. As has been noted, there is no better designer than nature. Finally, here are some ways to upgrade your wardrobe this summer by going against the norm; by not following trends, but instead following nature and what nature has to offer.


fullsizeoutput_1f0This summer be beautiful and symbolize the sky and sea by wearing the color baby blue or any shade of blue. A very calm shade of blue is what we all need this summer. My inspiration behind the color choice for this particular dress was the sky. The color of the sky is an example, how nature inspires fashion.






fullsizeoutput_205Moreover, start your summer with a comfortable and bright summer dress. Remember fashion of florals is all about colors! As seen in this photo a stylish and simple dress is fashion forward. For example, this dress shows how a little detail comes along way. The off-the-shoulder dress is a classy way to show off some skin. I can not stop emphasizing that one of the most breathtaking and beautiful parts of a woman’s body is her shoulders. This summer show off skin tastefully by wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. 




Equally important, the print of white florals on this dress enhances the color of the dress. In like manner, just as clouds that lay upon the sky.

                                          fullsizeoutput_1e4 fullsizeoutput_1ee


Let’s not forget to be flirty and flouncy when wearing a summer dress. Moreover, summer is a ime to experiment with style. A very important detail when experimenting with different kind of styles and cuts is to make sure to wear the most flattering dress for your body shape. With this objective, here’s three flattering summer dresses that fit my body type and how nature inspired my fashion sense.

IMG_3093Summer is just around the corner. One reason I love the summer is that instead of following trends, I am inspired by nature. The warmth of the sun, long walks in the park, and going to the beach are a big influence on my fashion sense. Nature comes alive in colors. For this purpose, royal blue is such a classic color but also this color is amazing to wear. My inspiration behind this dress was the butterfly. Butterfly fashion is a great way to start your summer! That being said, the next time you witness a butterfly observe their colors and I promise you will be inspired!




IMG_3303I am fly like a butterfly, but sting like a bee (thanks Muhammad Ali). Nature inspired fashion, the stunning colors of bees! Black and yellow is one of the hottest combinations and it adds an edge to your look. Remember the beauty of nature brings out the best! 



IMG_3138-2I was thinking of a sandy beach when wearing this free and flowy summer dress. Nature is a color guide and for this summer the color white, sand, and nude can’t be ignored. Light and delicate colors are easy on the eyes and look great for any occasion. I love bright colors especially those found on the rainbow but soft, light, and delicate colors are timeless.



rose-wallpaper-5As you can see, nature inspires and influences fashion in every way. The beauty of nature is always exciting, especially when talking about fashion of florals. Fashion of florals goes beyond floral print dresses or anything floral like. My concept and philosophy comes from my love of nature and what it has to offer from flowers, colors, animals, and patterns. We can learn a lot from nature. This summer blossom like the flowers and know that nature is our best designer. 







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