Lab Series Skincare For Men: The Way To Healthy And Radiant Skin!

When it comes to skincare products; men have come a long way. In many cases, for men skincare was something that women normally look forward to. Skincare, isn’t just for women; the male species are becoming more comfortable and confident about personal skincare. There was no wonder, why so many men came out to support Lab Series for the GQ Spring 2017’s Hottest trends at Bloomingdale’s.

Truth to be told, men just like women deal with skin issues. Some skin issues that occur in both male and female are aging, pigmentation, sensitivity, acne, dryness and irritation. Over the years, there has been an increase of men indulging on skincare products. I think it’s safe to say that men are feeling comfortable in their own skin to learn and educate themselves about skincare. Adopting a proper men’s skincare routine can help men keep their skin looking and feeling healthy. This goes out to all the men, who are not afraid for healthy and radiant skin; get started on your mission to a clearer complexion and smoother skin by Lab Series, skincare for men. During Bloomingdale’s event for GQ Project Upgrade; I had the privilege to interview Lab Series Celebrity Grooming Expert, Jodie Boland on what else but Lab series.IMG_8532




Lab Series Celebrity Grooming Expert Jodie Boland and I at Bloomingdales for the GQ X PROJECT UPGRADE Event!


RACHEL ULLOA: How are you? Are you super excited for today’s event?

JODIE BOLAND: I am doing very well. Of course, I am exciting about today’s event. I love Lab Series, the best skincare line for men. The GQ X bloomingdale’s Project event gives people the opportunity to shop for the latest spring trends, and our team at Lab Series are entertaining our clients and future clients by grooming and educating people about Lab Series. 

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RACHEL ULLOA:  Why is Lab Series one of the best skincare products?  

JODIE BOLAND: The reason Lab Series is one of the best skincare prouducts for men is because there is range of products. Lab Series is a luxury skincare for men only, with that being said our products consists of cleansers, moisturizers, shaving products, hair products, serums and body products. Our products are easy to use. For healthy and radiant skin to look it’s best your skin requires care, and this is where Lab Series comes in handy. 

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RACHEL ULLOA: What makes Lab Series different from other skincare products? 

JODIE BOLAND: I think the difference with Lab Series compare to other skincare products is that it’s light, easy to use, it’s unscented, and it works well with all skin types. The product Lab Series is just brilliant and there is something for everybody. 

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RACHEL ULLOA: What are you introducing today? Are there any new products?

JODIE BOLAND: We are introducing today the Pro LS Cleansing Gel and the Pro LS Hydrating Gel. The Pro LS Cleansing Gel, is for all skin types. What is amazing about the Pro LS Cleansing Gel, with it’s enzymatic action, the product is able to cleanse gently and deeply, without harming or irritating the skin. This product does not disturb the pH or take way moisture from the skin. Skin conditions such as dryness will not occur when using the Pro LS Cleansing Gel. Moreover, it removes dead skin cells and deeply purifies pores to help revitalize skin’s appearance. The overall results, using this gel is that it will leave your skin soft, refresh, your skin will fight dryness, and your skin will look flawless. 



RACHEL ULLOA: Before you speak about the next product, when and how is the Pro Ls Cleansing Gel use?

JODIE BOLAND: It’s easy like counting up to three. You simply use the Pro LS Cleansing Gel morning and night. You apply the gel to your wet face and massage in circular motions with fingertips. Rinse, and pat skin dry.  



RACHEL ULLOA: What is difference between Pro Ls Cleansing Gel and PRO Ls Hydrating Gel

JODIE BOLAND: The Pro Ls Hydrating Gel is for normal to oily skin types. The hydrating gel is a lightweight moisturizer. The purpose of this skincare product is to keep the skin hydrated, by protecting the skin’s surface to moisture and maintain hydration levels. Therefore, calming and soothing skin; resulting to a cooling sensation. Equally important, the Pro Ls Hydrating gel, gently removes dirt and excess oil,  leaving skin rejuvenating, and enhancing a natural glow. 

Michael Bastian at GQ X Bloomingdale’s Project Upgrade Event debuting his new Michael Bastian Gray Label Collection.


Most men’s perspective on “skincare” is it belongs in the female domain. Spoil Alert! Time has changed and skincare, isn’t just for women. Men are making skin care a priority and becoming more comfortable about nourishing their skin. For this purpose, Lab Series skincare products are designed specifically for men only. Lab Series conditions the skin by protecting, smoothing, and refreshing the skin, in order to give you that youthful glow. The future of male skincare has come a long way and thanks to Lab Series, men are embracing the benefits that facial skincare products can bring.  Until next time, Rachel Ulloa ON THE GO.


A special thanks to Lab Series, Celebrity Grooming Expert Jodie Boland, GQ Magazine, Bloomingdale’s and everyone who was part of this event. 

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