Marie Claire, Michael Kors And Macy’s #WARDROBEUP For Spring Event: The Chicest Must-Haves so you can #WARDROBEUP For Every Spring Occasion-Editors Pick Their Faves!

When I think of spring, I think about nature. The flowers start to bloom with an assortment of colors, plants start to grow, and birds begin to chirp. It’s a resurrection of life, a new beginning, from fall to spring. The natural ability for mother nature to transition is not only mystical but beautiful. Fashion is no exception! Therefore, with the change of season comes a new season of fashion. As we prepare for the seasonal change, we are left with questions, what to wear for spring? One place to be was at Macy’s Herald Square, where Marie Claire Magazine presented the chicest must-haves so you can #WARDROBEUP for every spring occasion!  


Most people are overwhelmed about spring fashion, questions arise such as how do I update my wardrobe, what colors should I wear, how many new pair of shoes I need etc. For all theses answers I turned to Marie Claire Market and Accessories Director Models.comKyle Anderson. Here is what Kyle had to say. 

All smiles with Marie Claire Market and Accessories Director, Kyle Anderson. Kyle is wearing a very stylish Burberry Coat.


RACHEL ULLOA: It is a pleasure to meet you Kyle Anderson. This is such a lovely event! Can you briefly speak about today’s event.

KYLE ANDERSON: Sure. For this particular event all of our editors got together and curated our favorite picks for spring. From the creative director, accessory department, on down to the fashion department everybody chose different pieces that got included to our editors pick for Spring. I think there is a good variety from causal things to dresser things, which is essential for Spring.  

RACHEL ULLOA: I took notice that designer Michael Kors was one of those Spring favorites. Can you speak briefly about the Michael Kors collection and do you have any favorite pieces?

KYLE ANDERSON: I think everything that Michael Kors makes is something you can buy now and wear forever. He doesn’t ever make things that alienate you for next season. His pieces are a timeless investment that you can wear now and right through next spring/summer. My favorite piece by Michael Kors for Spring 2017 is the trench coat. I love how this trench coat has studs and I’m obsess with studs. The trench coat is a classic.  

RACHEL ULLOA: What can you tell me about Michael Kors accessories?

 KYLE ANDERSON: I would say especially for Michael Kors, I heard once Michael Kors gold watches is one of the best selling watches in the world. I think when he designs he has longevity in mind.  For example, when you buy a bag, a watch, or even a belt he’s premium quality last longer than other brands. 



Fashion and spring go hand and hand. The Style Editor from Marie Claire MagazineKim Naci gave the latest styling tips; in how to look fashionable for Spring. Here are three chicest must-haves so you can #WARDROBEUP for every spring occasion.

Michael Kors: Belted Trench, White Pants, Brenner Watch with Strap, Keaton Sneaker and Logo Studs sold at Macy’s.

LOOK 1: The first presentation of the night was the trench coat with white pants and Keaton slip-on sneakers. This combination creates a fresh, easy, and timeless look for spring. A solid trench coat is a timeless classic, which never goes out of style, and can be worn for any occasion. It’s a must have and a wise investment. 

Now, the white pants is a great causal look. For comfort and style the editors of Marie Claire, recommend to wear the Keaton slip-on sneakers, which looks chic for the office or after hours. Finally, complete the look with accessories such as a blush watch and along with rose gold studs. The editors of Marie Claire recommend the Brenner watch with strap, along with Michael Kors logo studs







Michael Kors: Grommet Lace-up Sweater, Croc Print Miranda Pants, Rose Gold Mirrored Sunglasses, Cooper Mule, and Pave Pearl Hinged Bracelet sold at Macy’s.

Look 2: Have fun and look fabulous with the Lace-up sweater. A trend that is popular for Spring 2017. Let me not forget to mention the croc print pants. Bring some spice back into your life with the croc print pants! Instead, of plain and tailored trousers upgrade your trousers with print and details. Now, a great shoe to wear with this sexy and sophisticated outfit is the Cooper Mule by Michael Kors. This shoe is designed for the modern fashionista with a less is more approach. For accessories, what else but a Pave Pearl Bracelet. It can best be describe as a delicate piece of jewelry that is very noticeable to the eye but not a distraction to the ensemble. 








Michael Kors: Pleated Maxi Dress, Mercer Tote, Flat Open-Toe Sandal, Stacked Rings, and Portia Gold-Tone Watch sold at Macy’s.

Look 3: Last but not least, the  Maxi dress. I love this dress because you can style this dress in multiple ways; it’s effortless. For instance, you can recreate a weekend look which is settled and stylish, or the option to be causal or elegant chic. To complete this bohemian look accessorize with a metallic tote, gold watch and stacked rings. An easy and flowy weekend look for the confident woman, who does not complicate things. 










After the fashion presentation on how to wardrobe up for spring. I got some one-on-one time with Marie Claire Style Editor Kim Naci.  I got to interview her on her thoughts for Spring Fashion, and on some of her favorite looks for the Spring. 




RACHEL ULLOA:  First, I must ask you, who are you wearing because you look amazing!

KIM NACI: Thank You. I am wearing Michael Kors! Just take a look at the studs on this dress. 

Michael Kors, Studded Asymmetrical Sheath Dress, Only Sold at Macy’s!


RACHEL ULLOA: Which look was your favorite during your presentation? 

KIM NACI: I would have to say the trench coat. I just love the trench coat! 

RACHEL ULLOA: Do you think every woman should own a trench coat?

KIM NACI: Every woman should own a trench coat. It’s an essential,  just like oxygen. You need it to survive!

KIM NACI: Going back to your question, I had a couple of favorite looks. I am going to have to start with Beckett Sneakers by Michael Kors. I can really appreciate a comfortable shoe. I am a New Yorker.


Michael Kors Beckett Sneakers sold at Macy’s


KIM NACI: Another spring must have is the Michael Kors Off-The-Shoulder Pleated Shift Dress. Just like the trench coat, a black dress is a wardrobe essential. I love how this dress is really easy and it’s off the shoulder. 

MICHAEL Michael Kors Off-The-Shoulder Pleated Shift Dress, A Macy’s Exclusive



RACHEL ULLOA:  Would you add accessories to this dress or would you keep it simple? In my opinion, I think pearls will go well with this dress.

KIM NACI: Yes, pearls will go well with this dress. Pearls are a classic look. The reason pearls will fit well with this particular dress is because the dress is off the shoulder, and there is enough distance between the pearls and the dress; that they are not competing with each other. That being said, you can add pearls but I will prefer to keep it simple. The reason being, because of the lace material of the dress.

 RACHEL ULLOA: You can wear this dress on any occasion. For example, a dinner date with your husband or boyfriend, lunch with your girlfriends, or from the office to after-hours. What do you think?

KIM NACI: It all depends on the shoe you wear.

RACHEL ULLOA: That leads me to my next question; how important are shoes to an outfit.

KIM NACI: The hardest obstacle most people have when putting an outfit together is picking out the right pair of shoes. Your shoes can either make or break your outfit. Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Once we find a good pair of shoes everything else works. Shoes are the essential foundation to an outfit. 

RACHEL ULLOA: Are you a big fan of Michael Kors? 

KIM NACI: I am! I remember when he first launch the Michael Kors Collection. The Michael Kors collection is very aspirational but it’s not everyday wear. Michael Kors has a very high end collection but for his spring 2017 collection there are more causal pieces.   

 The Marie Claire #WARDROBEUP for Spring was an event about fashion and style. Exploring, spring style for most of us can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. This is why Macy’s Herald Square, left it to the team of experts of Marie Claire Magazine to guide us for the chicest must haves for spring. People got the opportunity in this relax environment, to enjoy drinks, snacks, get sketched by Chic Sketch, pose in a photo booth, while shopping for the latest spring looks. All in all, The Marie Claire #WARDROBEUOP for Spring event was not about the fashion girl but the stylish girl. I leave you with this Fashion fades, only style remains, the great Coco Chanel! Until next time, Rachel Ulloa is ON THE GO!  

A special thanks to Emily Bricket Edelson. The Co-Founder, Lead Fashion illustrator of Chic Sketch.


A special thanks to Marie Claire Magazine, Kyle Anderson, Kim Naci,  Michael Kors, Macy’s, Chic Sketch,  and everybody that came to support this lovely events.

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