Dr. Sapna Westley: Stop Aging Now! The Conservative Approach To Better Healthier Skin!

Truth to be told, aging is part of life! There is no fountain of youth at least not for now. Aging gracefully is no longer the only option. It never cross my mind the pressures one might have in the public eye; until I starting working in a industry where public figures need to look their best at all times. Public figure or not who doesn’t want to look and feel good about themselves. I wanted to educate myself on the latest beauty producers that can make anyone look more youthful. That being said, in my recent interview I spoke to Dr. Sapna Westley (Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology) and during the interview she spoke on her philosophy to prevent signs of aging and her conservative approach to better healthier skin. 

I was intrigue by Dr.Westley’s approach towards Cosmetic Dermatology. I have read about her expertise in numerous media outlets. She has been featured in New Beauty Magazine, GQ Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Ok Magazine, Health Magazine, O Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Glamour Magazine and Elle Magazine. She also appeared on Abc’s morning Blend, and recently is the recipient of the New Beauty Top Doctor Award

 Dr. Westley’s philosophy and I quote “I believe in a conservative approach to create a natural and relaxed look.” This forever changed my views on cosmetic procedures. Her philosophy is to make her patients look refresh and natural. Better said that ultimate glow that will leave people wondering why are you so glowing. Her goal is not to make her patients look different but to achieve the best possible version of yourself. This is highly appreciated for a woman such as myself knowing you can defy aging, while maintaining your natural beauty.

For example, some non-surgical producers, which Dr. Westley provides in her practice includes Botox. Botox is a non-surgical treatment that smoothes and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, while providing you a natural glow. One of the most requested procedure is Botox; especially since her techniques have advance.

Another option to look more youthful; without having to visit a plastic surgeon is Dermal fillers. Dr. Westley is an expert when it comes to Dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be very beneficial to the aging process. For example, dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness to the face. Dr. Westley, will evaluate your whole face and map out a precise plan to ensure a natural look. She has the natural ability to make you feel comfortable and educate her patients; while providing the highest standard of medical care. 

Take years off by Skin Tightening. A non-surgical producer that will make you look younger and feel great about yourself. Skin tightening has the ability to make your skin visibly firmer, and restoring confidence back in your life.

As you can see, Dr. Sapna Westley employs a less-is-more philosophy. Enhancing natural beauty and more natural looking results is Dr.Westley’s specialty. What sets her apart from other experts in her field is that she is always going the extra mile. She continues to evolve in her profession by educating her patients and addressing their concerns. Dr. Westley is not only passionate about her profession; but her admiration towards her patients is what makes her a great doctor. 



RACHEL ULLOA: Congratulations, on being the recipient of  New Beauty Top Doctor Award. How do you feel?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: It is such a great honor and award. I run my practice in Soho, New York for 14 years and I really love what I do. Also I have strong connections with my patients and I love the field of dermatology and every time you get an award like this it’s nice affirmation.

RACHEL ULLOA: Why did you get into this field?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: That is a good question. This going back a while ago. I did my training in dermatology about 20 years ago and I wanted to be a dermatologist because I love treating all ages of patients. I am a very visual person and I really like to see what I am treating and the effects what I am treating. The time when I trained it was more medical based then cosmetic based and I also like to do surgery as well. I was always really fascinated by the skin and I still am.  The skin is the largest organ in your body so many internal disease manifest themselves through the skin. Over the past decade, I been practicing in Soho. I like the combination of surgery, cosmetic procedures as well as general skin care that I can do daily. I love to treat and make people feel great about themselves. 

RACHEL ULLOA: How do you want to help your patients when they come in?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: I really believe in educating patients about all their options and depending on what they come in for. I treat a wide range of issues in the office. I want my patients to look and feel their best. It is very important to me that my patients feel comfortable, especially if their suffering from a skin condition. I really believe in treating people safely and effectively. Educating my patients is very important to me on good skin care or preventative measures if that is possible as well. 

RACHEL ULLOA: How busy do you get during New York Fashion Week?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: New York Fashion is a busy time for me. I got a lot of last minute emergency calls by the modeling agencies.

RACHEL ULLOA: No pressure, you do not have to mention no names. I know you have regulations or has set standards of confidentiality. Have you treated models and celebrities in the past?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Yes Rachel. I have.

RACHEL ULLOA: As a teenager, did you ever suffer from any skin conditions? 

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: I had a little bit of mile Eczema as a teenager so I did go to a dermatologist a few times. I always been fascinated with the skin. 

RACHEL ULLOA: Can you define beauty?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: I think every women is beautiful. I think my job is to enhance their features and enhance their natural beauty, whether that means improving their skin textures, pigmentation, scars, or helping with fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s really about me just enhancing beauty not changing their appearance on anybody that’s what I am very conscientious about. I don’t want to change anybody’s appearance or make them look different. It’s really about making someone look rested and natural. 

RACHEL ULLOA: Can you talk briefly about your approach on cosmetic surgery?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: My approach on cosmetic surgery is about being natural and conservative. For example, I always assess the face globally and decide what the best treatments will be for somebody in that particular age. Moreover, I educate my patients on the different options that are available and give them expectations for what we can see with the different treatments that are available. My approach is always to have somebody look like the best possible version of themselves, look rested and not look different.

RACHEL ULLOAWhat is difference between botox and dermal fillers? 

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Botox we generally use for wrinkles, such as wrinkles on the upper face, wrinkles on the forehead, the wrinkles between the eyebrows, and wrinkles around the eyes. What botox does it relaxes the muscles that causes those wrinkles.

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Dermal fillers are generally more for lower face, so as we age we all start to lose a little volume on the lower face and that can cause the lines between the nose and the mouth or around the mouth, or just a general kind of laxity in the skin. Dermal fillers are used in the lower face and in the last five years or so there just has been so many new fillers in the market and also it’s a  pretty interesting palate; with different fillers and different depths that can be place in different areas. Deeper fillers are for lifting and finer fillers for fine lines and sometimes we combine them. What I think it’s not about chasing lines and wrinkles but it’s all about looking at the face globally when I treat with botox and fillers. 

RACHEL ULLOA: How long are the procedures, when it comes to Botox and dermal fillers?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Usually, the patients need to numb for a while and the procedures takes 15 to 20 minutes.

RACHEL ULLOA: What age people should start using Botox?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: It’s variable. I do have some people that start doing it in their late twenties or early thirties. For instance, if there work consists of  siting down in a computer and squinting a lot and there evident lines are rest I will start with light amounts early. Some people even wait in there late 30’s and 40’s or even later. Fifties even. In general, the earlier you start especially you are seeing wrinkles at rest the less units you will need and the more natural look you can maintain as well.  

RACHEL ULLOA: Do you treat or perform procedures on family and friends? 

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Yes all the time. I do treat a lot of my family and a lot of my friends and I treat them the same way I treat all my patients. I am be real and honest. 

RACHEL ULLOA: How do you feel when you see your family and friends that you treated looking great? Does that make you feel good. I could imagine you having dinner or drinking wine with your family and friends and saying to yourself my work looks great.

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: Yes, Rachel it does make me feel good! I love to see how they look after I treat them. It’s very gratifying.  

RACHEL ULLOA: I know you are proud mommy of two twins. They are three years old a boy and a girl. Congratulations. How do you achieve a work life balance?

DR. SAPNA WESTLEY: That’s what I try to do everyday. I feel like I strive to achieve that balance. I feel like I want to give the most to my work and patients and I want to give the most to my kids. There are such a precious age right now. I also want to enjoy my children at the age they are in right now because time goes by fast. It is important for me to take care myself so I can be a better mother and doctor. I think for working mothers that is the goal, finding a work life balance.

RACHEL ULLOA: I know this is an odd question, but will you ever treat your own children. For example, procedures like botox or dermal fillers?

DR. SAPNA WESTLY: That’s a really good question (chuckle). I do know, by the time their older who knows what will be available. The way technology is always advancing we don’t know what the future holds. 

Where there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my interview with Dr. Sapna Westley. I hope you learned about her profession and how she can help you. Until next, time RACHEL ULLOA is ON THE GO

A special thanks to Dr.Westley and photographer Daniel Perry Studios

Want more of Dr.Westley? Please visit her website www.drwestley.com to learn more about her practice.  











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