My first stop during New York Fashion Week was BERENIK! Berenik, a rising name in the fashion industry presented their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at Pier59 Studios. Their New York Fashion Week event started with a combination of fashion and dance, which was a breath of fresh air that was needed in a cold snowy day in New York. The performance artists who danced, while modeling to the rhythm and beat of Swiss based electronic performer BIT-TUNER filled the room with rhythm, movement and excitement. This made a clear statement, what Berenik A/W collection represents. Equally important, the collection is comfortable enough to perform or have a fun night in town but still functional enough to look the part when it comes to fashion. 

Berenik label has a contemporary style that consists of simplicity, but detailed in a way that represents individualism. The Berenik label are for those individuals who has a sense of style, rhythm, and flow. The consumer of this particular brand can best be describe as independent and fearless. As seen in Berenik A/W 17 collection was an array of  sporty silhouettes, faux fur lined coats, short and long jumpsuits, bodysuits, pants, sweaters, leggings, print jacquard, gold and silk velvet, dark green shaggy faux fur and etc. Let’s not forget to mention the unisex pieces, which provides versatility. There is enough swag in this collection for a rock star, and appeals for the average consumer.







The Designer behind Berenik, Veronika Brusa who’s inspiration include meditative abstract paintings gave her collection an edge with a touch of simplicity. This made the collection trendy in a distinctive way, while making the collection fashionable, easy, and exclusive.  

On the whole, Berenik’s return to New York Fashion Week was more than rhythm and style but a new sense of femininity that only a person with their own identity could understand. Until Next Time, RACHEL ULLOA is ON THE GO


A special thanks to the designer of BERENIKVeronika Brusa, The Bromley Group, New York Fashion Week, all the performance artist, and to everyone that was part of NYFW17!

Want more of BERENIK? Visit her website



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