Introducing Glamour X Lane Bryant: Changing The Game!

Glamour Magazine launched it’s very first collection with Lane Bryant. The end result of the partnership is GLAMOUR X LANE BRYANT. This collection is more than dressing for the promotion or a fall favorite. It’s changing the game and giving a whole new meaning to the word GLAMOUR. It’s fashion for you! People define glamour in so many ways. True glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It’s being confident in who you are as a person and it’s showing the world you can be glamorous at any size.

The Glamour X Lane Bryant collection is revolutionizing the fashion industry. Let’s be honest changing the norm of any industry can be overwhelming and intimidating but when you have two company’s coming together for a common cause and understanding that women can be beautiful, confident, and fashion forward at any size. That is what glamour is all about!

GlAMOUR X LANE BRYANT is all about simplicity, comfort, and everyday pieces you can wear ON THE GO (Rachel Ulloa is ON THE GO). Starting from sizes 14 and up ( I would love to see this collection starting at sizes 10 & up). All in all, the whole collection is trendy, glamorous with the right amount of edge   that any confident, out spoken, hard working, and intelligent woman can wear. The Glamour X Lane Bryant retails under a $100.


239370_0000000628Starting with the Jumpsuit by Glamour X Lane Bryant is one of my favorite pieces from the whole collection. Chic, comfortable, stylish and appropriate for any occasion. It’s a must have because it is very easy to wear and you can transition this jumpsuit from fall to summer. Now that’s what I’m talking about, and it retails only at $99.95!  The classic black jumpsuit is a winning piece that every woman should own because of it’s versatility which provides you the choice to style yourself with elegance and comfort.




238674_0000000628-2The Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Glamour X Lane Bryant is all about edge and confidence. It is fashionably sleek and retails only at $99.95 that can be appreciated by fashion and non-fashion lovers.

Another piece from Glamour X Lane Bryant is the Boyfriend Shirt. The Boyfriend Shirt is timeless and flattering to any body size. It’s a combination of simplicity with sophistication. The delicacy of the Boyfriend shirt has the ability to make any woman glow. The Glamour X Lane Bryant Boyfriend Shirt retails only at $44.95 and at that price who wouldn’t glow?



239472_0000006400-2Gone with the wind fabulous is the Pleated Skirt by Glamour X Lane Bryant. The pleated shirt is fun and a fashion trend that will have any one dancing the night away. It is a style that I love under a $100. It’s perfect for the holiday season and it retails only at $89.95. So if you are modern, flirty, youthful in heart or in age then the Pleated Skirt By Glamour X Lane Bryant is a one of a kind piece made specifically to fit you.





239393_0000030357 Fit & Flare Shirtdress made by Glamour X Lane Bryant is very fashionable. The flare bottom gives a vintage feel to the dress but overall  it has a modern twist which can make any woman look exquisite. The fitted waistline purposely complements a full figure. It retails only at $89.95 and I must add it is not cheaply made. In addition, the color choice of red and black stripes is ideal for the fall and it’s a fun pattern to have in your wardrobe this season. This is a fashion find must have!





The Glamour X Lane Bryant collection is changing the game for all the right reason. It is fashion for you! All in all, the collection has to do with more than clothing. This collection is for the woman who embraces who she is with style and grace and is confident at any size.  Until next time ladies and gentlemen, Rachel Ulloa is ON THE GO

Want more of Glamour X Lane Bryant? Feel free to visit their website at 

A special thanks to Glamour Magazine and Lane Bryant for this lovely event. Copyright to photos of models wearing Glamour X Lane Bryant belongs to  





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