The Creator of Bravo’s Odd Mom Out Jill Kargman has done it again ladies and gentlemen. This time in her book Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave which is out in stores. The happily married and mother of three beautiful children Sadie, Ivy, and Fletch Kargman rants on observations and uplifting thoughts about life. Which I find to be very entertaining I must add. So entertaining that I started New York Fashion Week with her book launch. If you want a good read, great sarcasm and a great laugh Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave is the book for you.

I got to meet the author, writer and actress at Saks Fifth Avenue Walt Whitman for her book launch and I can tell you this she is no Momzilla. We hit it off well maybe it’s because we are both Native New Yorkers. Brooklyn meets Upper East Side and as soon as she starting talking I knew this interview was going to go well. Her personality could best be describe like someone sprinkle some Brooklyn swag on her grave. To say the least, I am not one to stereotype. I just found her to be very interesting. If you ever get the opportunity to have a conversation with Jill and then you read her book it is the same person. There is nothing different between the author, actress, writer, and the person she is in her every day life. The best way your Blogger/Journalist Rachel Ulloa will describe her is not humorous, not talkative, or sarcastic. She is just a REALIST! She is so real that I had to squeeze in a short interview.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Jill Kargman Book Launch

Before my interview with Jill Kargman I had to take a photo with this amazing woman!





Rachel Ulloa: How are you Jill?

Jill Kargman: I am great so happy to be here! Thank you for coming.

Rachel Ulloa: Congratulations on your book Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave. My first question is I love how you play yourself on Odd Mom Out. How much of you do we see on the show?

Jill Kargman: I will say a lot. I think it is 100% me but it’s more me when I was 28 years old and I was a new mom and more insecure about the way things were done and the fact that there were theses mommy cliques. Now I am 42 years old and I don’t give a shit. At the time I felt very vulnerable; all the confidence that I had for my life kind of went out the window when my daughter was born because you are kind of starting over with them in a way but other wise it is me. It’s the same kind of scenarios and it’s base about my life.

Rachel Ulloa:  Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave launches today  that’s why I’m here. I love the title of the book! Will your fans of Odd Mom Out enjoy this book and why?

Jill Kargman: Yes. I had some readers that are Odd Mom Out fans who love the book because it’s the same voice as the show and it’s a lot of my stories and a lot of true stories about the show to and how the show came to be. The history of how Odd Mom Out got out on television in the first place for a 39 year old mother. So I definitely think it will be relatable and  there is a lot of lexicons sort of glossary of terms that I use.

Rachel Ulloa: I love how use the term fetus meaning the person looks very young. My brother read a chapter and he was cracking up! He was dying! Full of laughter!

Jill Kargman: O great! That is so nice. I think Men will like this too it is not just for women.

Rachel Ulloa: He read the chapter on Fashion Weak. I love how you spelled it because when he read the chapter I totally understand the reason you decided to spell it that way. The woman in the book who had seen some of your doodles asked if you wanted a fun gig decorating the tents for New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in which you agreed. After you spent so much time effort, and creativity poking fun of the fashion industry by the way in the freezing cold some random guy which you named ASSHOLE  who obviously did not have a sense of humor started a dispute with you demanding you to bring it down and  wanted you to start all over again. At the end of the chapter you said you learned a valuable lesson to Never lift a f****** finger without a contract. That whole chapter made my brother laugh.

Jill Kargman: True story!  Totally.

Rachel Ulloa: What inspire you to write this book? 

Jill Kargman: My daughter Ivy my middle daughter and I were on a grave yard and I am very morbid and my parents are very morbid. We are like the Addams family but I think we are all really happy. My feeling is that it comes from we talk about death all the time and I think that makes us embrace life and we all are very carpe-diem and this book is not meant to be self help but I think it is a different perspective on how you can  filch the  joy out of life by talking about death and not hiding from it. My daughter Ivy we’re  in a grave yard at my poor aunts funeral. My daughter says why does everybody put flowers on graves because they die so fast. It’s so sad.  I said I don’t know I think it is a tradition and to bring something beautiful to a sad place and it’s life and death. Then she goes well I think it is sad and when you die I am going to sprinkle glitter on your grave because your fabulous and glitter is really hard to clean up.

Rachel Ulloa: That is so awesome! I love her! Is that how you got the title of the book? 

Jill Kargman: Yes!

Well There you have it, ladies and gentlemen my interview with author, writer, and actress Jill Kargman. Make sure to pick up your copy of the book SPRINKLE GLITTER ON MY GRAVE. Now available on Amazon and Barns & Noble. And make sure to check out Odd Mom Out at Bravo TV.

A special thanks to author, writer, actress JILL KARGMAN for this interview. I wish you and your family the best in life. Also I would like to thank everybody at Saks Fifth Avenue Walt Whitman for celebrating the launch of Jill Kargman Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave. Until Next Time  Rachel Ulloa Is On  The Go! Who will I be interviewing next?




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