Designer Hope Wade: This Girl Is On Fire!

Someone, PLEASE CALL 911!!!! I think I would leave that to Wyclef Jean and Mary J. Blige (I loved that track “911” from Wyclef Jean featuring Mary J. Blige). Now if that is too far back for you, let’s leave it up to Sean Kingston to call 911 (I hope you guys could remember that track, it wasn’t that long ago…and I know designer Hope Wade would like that Sean Kingston song because he was born in Jamaica as well).
Why all this talk about calling 911? It’s because designer Hope Wade is on fire!!! Just as Alicia Keys sang it, that’s how I would describe Hope. She is on fire, all right, and my girl Alicia could not have said it better: “Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame, So bright, she can burn your eyes, Better look the other way, You can try but you’ll never forget designer Hope Wade’s name” (lol…I switched up that last line; anyhow, love you, Alicia!).


Now, while Alicia Keys said it on “Girl on Fire,” even the late Aaliyah sang the similarly titled “Hot Like Fire” some years prior, which would also apply…and now, your Blogger/Journalist Rachel Ulloa is going to tell you why designer Hope Wade is on fire.

Hudson Valley Magazine’s “Best of” issue on October 24 named her the best upcoming designers. Check out this photo of your Blogger/Journalist Rachel Ulloa with Hope Wade!






Hope has been in Vogue UK, was at London Fashion Week for emerging trends and the singer Darlene Love wore a red silk gown that Hope designed on CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman to perform her signature song “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” this past Christmas. (She stops by Late Show every year around that time!). Check out these photos of Darlene Love on Late Show…



A fitting always needs to be done before a performance. Darlene Love wearing designer Hope Wade designs!


Singer Darlene Love performs on Late Show with David Letterman wearing Hope Wade Designs!
David Letterman interviewing Darlene Love on the Late Show!

I also got a sneak preview of what Love is going to wear to the White House. She will be performing for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and who else she will be wearing but, once again, Hope Wade Designs! Check out the gown for yourself…


This is how every design starts off; with some measuring tape!


You know I had to pose with this beautiful gown! Hey Hope I don’t made if I am next!


Furthermore, News 12 Hudson Valley reporter Blaise Gomez, nominated for a regional Emmy, will be wearing Hope Wade Designs as well at the New York Emmy gala. [I can’t wait to see this year’s New York Emmys (that’s on May 2nd, by the way) and I am super excited to see what you designed for her, Hope!] Hope Wade will also be in a second segment of Lifetime’s Project Runway which is basically a critique with Tim Gunn, and she just finished an interview with him; with a big smile on her face she told me she will win and I cannot agree more! Finally, she will also be featured in the magazine that I am proud to say I write for, SuperModels SA! Pretty impressive, don’t you agree, for a self-taught designer. Now you know why I say this girl is on fire!

Drum roll please…now, ladies and gentlemen, Rachel Ulloa On The Go presents to you Hope Wade Designs!

Supermodel Jaunel Mckenzie working the runway!












You will find it interesting what designer Hope Wade had to say about the fabric burlap during my interview with her. The top worn by this model was made by designer Hope Wade is burlap…amazing!
More Burlap!





Designer Hope wade use of burlap fabric was seen down the runway in numerous dresses.



More Burlap!




Another model posing wearing who else but Hope Wade Design!

That million dollar smile!


Before my interview with Designer Hope Wade we had a lovely conversation. Check us out!


This Gown was worn by the legendary Darlene Love playing the White House for the Obamas!




IMG_0117 copy-2



Interview Time!!!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Designer Hope Wade!


Rachel Ulloa: I am super excited for you that Darlene Love is going to wearing Hope Wade Designs to the White House. Congratulations Hope I could not be any more Happier for you.

Hope Wade: Thank You so much Rachel!


Rachel Ulloa: What inspired you to design the gown that Darlene Love will be wearing to the White House? And how do you feel that she is going to wear Hope Wade Designs?

Hope Wade: I love the color red; it is a very deep color and it has a lot of meaning to me. This gown is so graceful and it is almost a period piece. One of the things of this particular design is the ruching used at the waist to accentuate the woman’s figure. This gown that I designed shows elegance, as beautiful as she is, and I know Darlene is going to do well.
I am super excited! She even won an academy award and she won a Grammy award in February and she actually beat Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They were nominated in the same category. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, you guys are next.



Rachel Ulloa: Can you talk about Project Runway?

 Hope Wade: Well, Project Runway has two segments. The first segment, is you have Project Runway where you have about 14 designers competing with one another and the second segment which is a critique with Tim Gunn. So What happen was that I did a video for both segments but the site was down I guess to many people trying to upload at the same time so literally at the last minute my assistant Klarissa Sisco was able to get me in the second segment and I thought to myself it was a last minute thing and maybe I will hear from them. Then three days later I was working and I was winding down, let me look at my emails, not looking for anything and I saw that Project Runway got back to me and read congratulations top three and I did an interview and they will get back to me in a couple of weeks and I am going to win!


Rachel Ulloa: Describe Hope Wade Designs to my readers.

Hope Wade: I love couture! I like colors and I like the flow of materials.I can look at a fabric and immediately I can get an idea. I am a self-taught designer. I sketch very well but I taught myself everything I know. When I feel fabric I can get a design instantly. What your readers can get from my spring collection this year; I will use silk and burlap and you are going to see colors but the major color I will be using in my design is fuchsia.


Rachel Ulloa: Can you tell me more about the fabric burlap?

Hope Wade: What I love about this fabric, also almost like linen, it flows. It gives a woman a nice curve and it flows with her. The fabric burlap was used in Jamaica and originally this material was used for rice and they will later wash it and use it for school uniforms for the children. So what I did was elevate this material to couture so the elegant women can dress up.



Rachel Ulloa: Do you design for all sizes?

Hope Wade: Yes, I design for all sizes from a 0 to a 20.



Rachel Ulloa: Can you talk about what you are wearing right now? Are you wearing Hope Wade Design?

Hope Wade: Yes, I am wearing Hope Wade. This particular piece I went to London Fashion Week in September 2013 and I was in London. My cousin that I stayed with, he had all these different kinds of fabrics. I did not know he worked in a place where they had all this amazing fabric. I saw this piece and I designed a flare triangular sleeve and it comes all the way in and it comes out like an A line. It flatters any woman’s body; it doesn’t matter what shape you have, this design will do it for you.




Rachel Ulloa: How do you stay creative?

Hope Wade: Well, I stay creative in a sense that I pray because I am a self-taught designer. Secondly, I do look around  in different magazines to see what is out there and late at night when everyone is asleep I get creative by working on my sketches to keep myself current, and of course, as a designer you have to push yourself beyond the boundary because that is the only way you can stay current and be yourself. I am unique as a designer. I do not copy any sketches of other people’s work but I do like other designers such as Dolce and Gabbana.



Rachel Ulloa: Describe your designs in one word?

Hope Wade: Elegant…and I have to add edgy as well.


Rachel Ulloa: I can’t agree with you more Hope!

Well there you have ladies and gentlemen, it’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed my interview with designer Hope Wade. All hugs and smiles after my interview with designer Hope Wade…



Ladies and Gentlemen singer Darlene Love at the White House wearing designer Hope Wade Design


Till next time my friends! Your Blogger/Journalist is on the Go. Rachel Ulloa Is On the Go! Who will I be interviewing next?



A special thanks to designer Hope Wade, singer Darlene Love, supermodel Januel McKenzie, Photographer Robert RedStar, the photographer (unknown) that took the lovely photos of the fashion show that show case Hope Wade Designs and to photographer Asa Williams.

Want more of designer Hope Wade? Her website is

SOCIAL MEDIA: On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can find her as hopewadedesigns.

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