Author Robyn Hatcher: Talk is cheap…but if you read her book Standing Ovation Presentations you could learn a Couple of Things!






sigimg1“Talk is cheap…” but if you read her book Standing Ovation Presentations, you could learn a couple of things.
Your New York City Blogger/Journalist Rachel Ulloa is always On the Go! I hope you enjoy this interview with author Robyn Hatcher because her book Standing Ovation Presentations will help you discover your unique “ACTORTYPE“…and after reading her book you will not mind to let it shine.


In life we come across so many different personalities. No one can be the same! People can be often imitated but never duplicated. If we were all the same, the world will be a boring place. Don’t you agree? Hopefully, no one will want to live like The Stepford Wives (love you Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, and Glenn Close).

Well, that being said, this is why I was so excited to interview coach, speaker, and author of Standing Ovation Presentations, Robyn Hatcher. Check her out ladies and gentlemen!


I could only imagine how the one-time writer for soaps such as One Life to Live and All My Children has met and greeted so many different types of personalities in her lifetime. Robyn’s book Standing Ovation Presentations  is about, as the subtitle says, discovering your unique “ACTORTYPE” & LETTING IT SHINE, so to all you buddies, supermodels, comics, innocents, whiz kids etc…embrace your personality and again, just like Robyn said it best, let it shine! That said, it’s lights, camera, action…check out your Blogger/Journalist Rachel Ulloa with author Robyn Hatcher.

“Talk is cheap, communication is priceless!” I cannot agree with you more, Robyn. Before my interview, check out these beautiful photos of Robyn and me at Norwood Club; if you are visiting the New York City area or are a New Yorker like myself, become a member of the Norwood Club, located at 241 West 14th St (between 7th/8th Aves), New York, NY 10011. It is a cool and calm environment just like myself.

Interview time…or as I like to say, game time!

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Rachel Ulloa: In a couple of sentences, can you give a brief summary of your book Standing Ovation Presentations?

Robyn Hatcher: Well, Standing Ovations Presentations is (someone called it) a primer for presentation skills. When I was teaching public speaking on the college level, there was so many books on public speaking but all of them were so boring and dry. I really wanted to set out to write a book that was helpful and entertaining at the same time. And though I am proud to say that Standing Ovation Presentations was recently listed on as one of the Top 100 Coaching books, I’m really proud that it was listed on Six Figure Start Up as one of Four Business Books. Because,you know it is fun! I created a specific outline and overview of how to do a great presentation, but I also created my own fun communication style assessment tools called “ACTORTYPES.” So people can read the book and figure what “ACTORTYPE,” the book shows them how to polish it and, if they want to get rid of one of the qualities that is not working for them, I have information in there that will help them do that as well.

Rachel Ulloa: Can this book help people in business?

Robyn Hatcher: It is extremely helpful for people in business because people in business need to know, not only what their communication style is so that they can be more effective when they are working with other people, but when you are done with this book and read it a second and maybe a third time, you start to think about “when I am doing business with other communication styles, how do I then adjust the way communicate so that other styles can understand me?” Different styles understand you differently.
Rachel Ulloa: Can you briefly talk about the nine “actortypes” or maybe the ones you want to speak about that you wrote in your book Standing Ovation Presentations?

Robyn Hatcher: Sure. There are nine “Actortypes”- the first one most people might think of is the HERO “Actortype” The Hero is pretty common “Actortype” The hero is charismatic and very outgoing. People love a Hero. They are good leaders and good presenters. However, all of the “ActorTypes” have a downside. The Hero’s downside is that they often have trouble being vulnerable. Everybody can’t be a hero and everybody doesn’t need to be a hero.


 Robyn Hatcher: Another very common ActorType is the Buddy. This ActorType is the type that wants to be everyone’s friend and wants to be super helpful. Buddies are very loyal and  supportive. A lot of women in business fall in the Buddy Type. But, of course, sometimes the Buddy gets into trouble because they can’t ask for what they want and they don’t close deals easily because being liked is sometimes more important than the business.

Robyn Hatcher: Another common ActorType is the Whiz Kid. The Whiz Kids are those people who really love information, they love data, they spill data out really easily. They like all of the intricacies of the detail. Detail is great and helpful and all of that. However, sometimes people get so mired in detail that they are not communicating, they’re really just talking or over-talking. They give so much information that the listeners end up not knowing what the Whiz Kid is talking about. Whiz Kids also fail to engage their listeners emotionally and without an emotional connection, most people don’t feel confident doing business with you.

Apart from the Whiz Kid we have the Sex Symbol or the Supermodel. The Supermodel is of course always looking for the outward, external factors.That really makes a big difference to them.I am a big believer in external factors because it is really important when it comes to communication and presentation, but sometimes the supermodel might get so caught up in the external they forget the substance, and that can be a major problem.

 Robyn Hatcher: In the book I identify nine different ActorTypes- the others are Curmudgeon, the Ingenue, the SuperHero, the Villain and the Comic. Pick up a copy of my book to learn about them. Or you can take my Actor Type quiz that is on my website

 Rachel Ulloa: Quick: you have ten seconds and tell people why they should purchase your book Standing Ovation Presentations.
Robyn Hatcher:Buy this book because communication is like the most important thing in the world and this will walk you through all the steps in being able to properly communicate.




Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, my interview with author Robyn Hatcher. Make sure you pick up her book Standing Ovation Presentations, it can be purchased at or Barnes & Noble (on…online only!) More Photos!



Hmm…Who will I be interviewing Next? Rachel Ulloa Is On The Go!

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Robyn just left the building!

Until next time my friends…Rachel Ulloa Is On the Go! Who will I be interviewing next?


Special thanks to author Robyn Hatcher for this lovely interview, and the Norwood Club, which hosted this interview; and Photo Credit: Robert Redstar.

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